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Assisting clients with regulatory compliance.

At Compass we provide personalized employee training, walk-through inspections, and related services that help companies to comply with state and federal regulations. Our team assists in interpreting OSHA, EPA, DOT and MSHA regulations. We pride ourselves on handling various aspects of regulatory compliance, allowing you to devote more resources to your core business concerns.

Regardless of whether your business is agricultural, commercial, construction, transportation, heavy manufacturing or mining, we can assist in designing a compliance and training program that is right for you.

Regulatory compliance can be viewed as an investment: an investment in you, your people and your business.

Perhaps more than anything, compliance is a mental process. Without the proper frame of mind, a compliance program is akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic; the initiative is virtually useless because it does not take the broad issues into account.

• Employee Protection
• Disaster Prevention
• Improved Morale
• Community Relations
• Productivity
• Time Management
• Legal Requirements
• Professional Image

If you're just "getting by" you're really not getting enough. A good compliance program is simply good business.

Compass can help. We can strengthen your existing program or help you build a program from the ground up.

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